Mr Kaplin


Mr Kaplin, aka Robert Glassford is a 3D Art & Motion Director who likes to tell stories in simple and colorful ways. It's all about having a strong personality with bags of character and the occasional dark undertone.


About me
Mr Kaplin is Robert Glassford, an Art & Motion director with Scottish roots who has settled in London. Storytelling has always been the focus of his work but he is driven creatively by finding surprising, abstract and playful ways to convey these stories visually to create unique pieces for both client-led and studio-driven projects.

He has worked with a wide range of brands, advertisers and agencies to produce work for film, television and digital media.

As well as many global brands including Sky, lego, Disney, British Airways, Ericsson and MTV.



Mr Kaplin is represented by
Jelly London (UK)
Yukfoo Animation (AUS/NZ)

New projects
If you have a project you would like to discuss please contact Rob at

I am always looking for talented motion designers interested in freelance or collaboration so if you are skilled in Cinema 4D, Realflow, Vray, redshift or Octane then please do get in touch.

To enquire about positions please email with your portfolio and contact details.